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Sven Piper (http://de.linkedin.com/pub/sven-piper/16/171/892)

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Frank Erhardt (2005-2008)

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Dr. Norbert Gasch

Dr. Silke Mercel



Our 1st version of our Astronomy and Astronautic website launched on 13th August 2001 under the domain name www.astris.de (which we still use for our German version). Unfortunately the biggest European aerospace company EADS/Astrium sued us for our trademark rights on the name "Astris" because of an alleged danger of confusion with their name "Astrium". Allthough many terms begin with "Astr" like ASTRonomy and ASTRophysic. As a result of the danger of a preliminary injunction we changed our website to www.extrasolar-planets.com. Finally we lost our trademark rights but we kept our domain www.astris.de.


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With our advertising revenue we support a lot of environmental protection and animal protection organisations like WWF, IWAF, PETA,...

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